How To Find iPhone IMEI Number.


Important! Get your IMEI Number only from iPhone MENU. Do not use iPhone IMEI Number from SIM TrayBack Cover / reverse of your iPhone, some time the IMEI Numer on Back Cover, SIM Tray can be different from the real one which is on iPhone Menu this can happen if Back Cover or SIM Tray was replaced.

Follow these steps below to get your correct imei Number:


Method 1. Work for Activated iPhones (Open Phone APP -> Dial *#06# -> 15 Digits imei Number will be displayed.)

IMEI Number 06



Method 2. Work for Activated iPhones (Open Setting APP -> General -> About -> Find 15 Digits imei Number on "IMEI" line.)

IMEI Number on Setings



Method 3. Work for not activated iPhone (On start up when iPhone display "slide to set up" tap small "i" letter, then, a 15 digit IMEI Number will appear, that is your IMEI Number.)

iPhone imei number newiPhone IMEI Number OLD



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